How I Coach

There is a reason why there are so many who insist that people don’t or can’t change, and their argument is not without merit.  Change is difficult, change is a struggle, and most people don’t change.  We are allied to that which we know, and it is hard to break those patterns.  My job is to push you out onto the skinny branches, that of the unknown, and help support you while you carve out a whole new life.

All coaches are different, but any coach should know what it takes. All coaches should be talking the talk and walking the walk.  I have been on the court and have worked through many of my own challenges, am in the process of working on new challenges, and fully expect more to come knocking on my door.  My agreement to you is that I will always be working on growth and change.  Because of this, I have tried and failed and tried and succeeded enough times, that I know I have the capacity to understand and help assist in furthering anything that a client may bring to me.  

I welcome you to try a session free of charge to see if my style works for you.  If you find yourself uncomfortable, you’re probably in the right place.  Comfort may create understanding, but it does not create change.

Individual Coaching is finding the David in the marble. I will help you push forward in career, relationship, and in finding your true essence. I will help put you in the right direction, and help you find who you truly are, not just who you want to be. I am not here to help you with your fantasies, I am here to help real possibilities and have your potential come to life. 

Couple's coaching:  Relationships are not easy.  They are almost impossible, and I don’t know how anybody makes them work without support, especially today.  The issues that each person brings into the relationship are formidable and there’s nothing more disappointing and heartbreaking than being frustrated in one's inability to work those out.  We will focus on creating passion and intimacy, not just relying on the chemistry that brought you two together.

Group coaching is the fast lane of private coaching.  If you want to stop easing your way into working on issues and accelerate the process, this is the way.  Working out your issues publicly intervenes in any shame you may have, as shame is the glue that keeps most issues solid.  Seeing others work through their issues will remind you that everybody is human, and give you more power to tackle what is holding you back. The group will help hold you accountable to your goals and because there are multiple people, you get to see your issues in living color.