Tobin Felfe, MA

I'm passionate about my career and find it so rewarding to partner with motivated clients, seeing them achieve far beyond what they thought their capabilities were.  My clients are all at different stages in their lives, but they share a unique quality:  they are looking for personal growth and an extraordinary life.

I have over a thousand hours of experience working with individuals, couples, and groups helping with a variety of situations, including: relational difficulties, personal struggles, phase of life difficulties, career advancement, trauma, and people just wanting more.  And while I earned my Masters in Psychology and started counseling and coaching early 2009, I also have an entrepreneurial background. I currently own IncrediFlix,™ which provides summer camps and events for children.  With some successes and some upsets at starting businesses, the path has given me a unique perspective for those facing challenges with work and career.

Along with experience, I believe part of becoming the best at anything, is to seek out great teachers.  The subtleties and intricacies of coaching are taken from a body of experience and I've been fortunate enough to have my direct instruction in coaching come from mentoring with a professional coach for many years, and it is my privelege to pass on what I've learned. I ask and demand a great deal of my clients, because I ask and demand a great deal of myself.

I understand the benefits of finding the right match, and the first session is free so you and I can evaluate whether we are the right fit for achieving your goals.